Township High Life
One performance only at the Baxter, 23 April at 19h30. 'Township High Life' tells the story of Goodwill and Nikiwe, a typical couple found in a Black township in South Africa. The couple reminisce about their love story on the brink of their divorce in order to find meaning of their struggles. "Township High Life" is not merely a tale of love but a representation of the joys and hardships of township life as seen through one couple's story.
UCT School of Dance Open Day
Ms Lisa Wilson conducts an impromptu Contemporary dance class
Brief Encounter
UCT School of Dance Body Works - Moving from the Inside Out
In rehearsal for Brief Encounter

Contemporary Dance – Body Works (Symposium)

The term somatic has become fairly mainstream in the world of dance and performing art in our contemporary self-help culture. The somatic lexicon has become so intertwined with contemporary dance that for some it has become the basis of the technique in itself (Brodie & Lobel, 2012). Engaging somatic practices in one’s dance training is a powerful tool in creating efficient, expressive, creative and intelligent dancers who can move propioceptively from the inside out. Join this exciting discussion with local and international practitioners about Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Pilates and other somatic practices that can tune your body to work expressively until you are 80 and beyond!

Place: Company Studio, UCT School of Dance
Date: 26 March
Time: 7pm
Cost: FREE
Moderator: Lisa Wilson