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Dance Studios Available After hours for Hire

Who can use the studios?

The studios are ordinarily made available to dance practitioners, dance teachers and choreographers and/or persons related to the performing arts industry defined as Hirer who will be categorized accordingly
Categories  of Hirer:
A: Dancer including individuals and/or small group of up to 5 persons;
B: Dance groups or small companies of up to 16 persons;
C:  Corporate

For what purpose can the studio venue be used
The studio can be used by the Hirer when s/he intends offering in the short term ( i.e. no longer than 6 months) , dance classes, rehearsals, workshops or performing arts related activities incl. but not limited to Fashion shows, film shoots, film screenings, small to medium scale performances, academic related conferences, open days.
The studio is not to hired for any other purpose outlined above . It may not be used for the sole purposes of conducting a private, commercial business on UCT’s premises.

When are studios available
Studios are available Monday to Saturday only throughout the year.  Hirers need to be aware of non-availability during high usage periods during the academic year ( first and second semesters) and the maintenance periods usually in July and January.
Studios will ordinarily not be available for hire on Sundays and Public holidays.  Where a hirer has been granted written permission from the UCT School of Dance for a booking on a Sunday or Public holiday and that date falls on a weekday the ‘special rate’ will apply.
NB.  1 X studio session  = 1hr30mins.
Booking availability (days and times)
Monday – Friday between 08h00 - 20h00
Saturday and Public Holidays between 08h00 – 17h00
A member of the staff of UCT School of Dance is required to be present , and available on site for the duration of booking and specifically for the opening and locking up of the school premises.
In exceptional circumstances only , studios will be available om Sundays for hire. 

Please contact Lindy on 021 650 4601 or email Lindy.collins@uct.ac.za for hiring costs and payments.