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Open Classes

The Dancer Inside - Open Contemporary Classes

What do you offer?

Classes are offered by New World Dance Theatre to more physical confidence. We introduce you to more creative and /or expressive ways of working with the body that also help you to stay fit.

Names of Teachers?

Celeste Botha and Marlin Zoutman. We sometimes include guest teachers who are also highly sought after professional dancers.

Dates & Times?

Mondays (Celeste) and Wednesdays (Marlin). All our classes  are from 6 - 7pm.


​Drop in class R80. University student R70. For monthly offers please find more info on http://www.celestebotha.blogspot.com/p/movement-dance-classes.html

Email & Telephone Contact?

082 6663 089

Or write to Celeste Botha
​Choreographer, Teacher and Dancer