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Editorial Policy

The UCT Dance Journal is a peer-reviewed journal. The journal examines past, present and future perspectives on dance, and aims to create a space for established as well as emerging dance academic voices in South Africa, Africa and the international community.

The preferred language of the journal is English; however, contributions in indigenous South African languages will be accommodated at the discretion of the editors. The editors will ensure suitable standards of presentation, clarity and correctness in all relevant matters of a linguistic and literary nature. We are cognizant of the many forms English assumes on this continent, and endeavour to give them a voice in our journal.

Upon submission we request verification of the originality and unpublished status of your article. Each submission will be reviewed by at least two specialist peer-reviewers and will be subjected to reasonable revision where recommended.

The journal will be published every two years, with each volume containing no more than six articles. An article may include up to five black and white captioned illustrations where permission for such use has been obtained by an author. Articles submitted to the editor should be written in Microsoft Word (not pdf), preferably not exceed 5,000 words and be formatted in Ariel font type size 9pt. We prefer footnotes (not endnotes) and require a list of works cited.

We intend to produce 200 volumes of each edition. The pocket size (A5) journal printed in soft cover booklet format will provide limited space for announcements of conferences/seminars and projects related to Dance. Please contact the editor for these opportunities and publication rates.